Here’s How To Get People Begging For Your Advice, Lining Up For Your Programs, And Hanging On Your Every Word
...Even If You’re A Complete Nobody
Amanda Moxley
From The Desk Of Amanda Moxley
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

If you want to deeply connect with your dream clients, become a person of influence, and completely transform your business (possibly overnight!)...

This is the most important letter you’ll ever read.
But First, A Warning:
What I’m about to share with you is unlike ANY other business advice you’ve ever heard.

But while this tool can dramatically boost your client list and sales almost immediately…

I need you to know that it WILL take work.

It WILL require you to step outside of your comfort zone.

It WILL require you to study, create, and perfect a presentation, and share it with as many people as you can.

But here’s the thing…

I know you might be internally cringing at how much work this sounds like.

You’re probably feeling discouraged because you’ve already poured tons of money, time, and effort into content that’s ultimately been ignored by your audience.

I need you to know that this is a COMPLETELY different story.

Yes, this tool will take effort, especially upfront…

But it very well may be the most WORTHWHILE thing you do all year.

Trust me - when the results start pouring in, the last thing you’ll be thinking is, “I really regret spending so much time on this.”

Instead, you’ll be saying, “WOW - I can’t believe I only spent x hours on this and it already got me 3-5 new clients!”

And that’s not even the best part.

Once you’ve finished creating your speech, all you’ll have to do is present it again and again… and you could be picking up 3-5 new clients EVERY. TIME.

So, yes.

This tool will take effort.

But I promise that it WILL pay off in spades.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here’s…
The Secret Tool For Instantly Skyrocketing Your Business
Book To Be Delivered Immediately as eBook
I’ve created something called the Moxley Method.

It’s a 5-step process that uses the power of SPEAKING to transform your business.

You’ll magnetize droves of dream clients who are already pre-sold on your highest-level programs.

You’ll turn your own unique story into a thriving business by connecting with your audience and convincing them that YOU are the solution to all their problems.

You’ll sell out every program, package, workshop, and speaking event as people practically beg to work with you.

I’ve skyrocketed my income & impact from this tool alone...

And now you can, too.
Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting
I’m offering you a 103-page book called “6-Figure Speaker: How to Reach More, Live More, and Make More!”

It’ll teach you how to use the Moxley Method (and the powerful tool of SPEAKING) to sign 3-5 new clients every time you speak, boost your sales, and achieve your wildest entrepreneurial dreams!

I’ve made it as simple and concise as possible.

At just 103 pages, you can read it in an afternoon…

And by the end, you’ll FINALLY know how to get unstuck in your business and reap the huge benefits this tool has to offer. 
But This Is About MORE Than Just Getting Clients
Yes, money is nice…

But I’m sure money isn’t the only reason you started your business.

I mean, if it were just about money, you’d probably be an accountant or engineer right now - not working 24/7 to get a business off the ground!

But all of this effort is worth it to us entrepreneurs because we want MORE than just money.

We want to make an IMPACT on the world.

We want to spread our services as FAR and WIDE as we can.

We want to be respected experts in our field and, ideally, become THE person others turn to for guidance.

I can tell you from experience…

Speaking is the ultimate tool to achieve all of the above.

And don’t worry - it works just as well in our new remote world as it did at live events (if you know what you’re doing!).

By opening up and sharing vulnerable stories, you’ll connect with your audience as they begin to like, know, and trust you.

Your expert advice and confident mannerisms will earn their respect…

And by the time you close, your audience will be well on their way to becoming your biggest fans - and eager to purchase your programs before they walk out of the room!

Using speaking to achieve all of this is incredibly easy, and I’ll teach you exactly how to do it in my book.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn:
  • ​My 5-step Moxley Method (that nearly guarantees signing 3-5 “soulmate” clients every time you speak) (page 82)
  • ​How to confidently craft a “hot talk” from A-Z (and use it over and over again to attract clients by the dozen) (page 47)
  • Why sharing your unique story is the key to giving yourself a raise and making a huge impact in your clients’ lives (even if you think there’s nothing interesting about your journey!) (page 49)
  • ​ How to become the go-to expert in your field (and get thousands of people eagerly awaiting your next presentation) (page 6)
  • ​Why you need to be speaking NOW (and what makes it the fastest way to get clients & build your fan base and brand) (page 10)
  • ​The ONE THING that drives all great talks (spoiler alert - you already have this!) (page 14)
  • ​My best 3 tips for moving people to ACTION with your seminar story (and make sales on the spot) (page 17)
  • ​How to nail your niche in 5 minutes or less (and take your clients on a journey WITH you to make a massive impact!) (page 25)
  • ​ Everything you need to know about your ideal clients (and how to get them lining up to work with you) (page 33)
  • ​ How to get booked to speak across the country (and become a “regular” speaker) (page 38)
  • ​How to speak to your clients’ vision with the “gap formula” (so they’ll see your programs as the ultimate solution to their problems) (page 55)
  • ​4 ways to easily memorize your “hot talk” (so you can speak with confidence and portray yourself as an industry expert) (page 62)
  • ​ An unconventional trick to make people like, know, and trust you (and why it’s 100% necessary to SELL your brand!) (page 60)
  • ​My top tips to show up on stage like a BOSS (and make your audience fall in love with you) (page 65)
  • ​The top 10 things you need to do to achieve your full potential (and finally live out your dream of becoming a rich & influential entrepreneur) (page 73)
...and much, much more!

This book is only 103 pages, but it’s PACKED with valuable content on every single page.
Here’s What To Do Next
The "cost" of this book is $5.90, and you’ll get it right away as a download.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to download the book.

You'll be able to access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want without having to lug around a hard copy or wait on the mail.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch
With a price this low, you might expect to receive follow-up calls from behind-the-scenes marketing staff or get signed up for an expensive program behind your back.

But this offer has no catch.

There are NO hidden programs you’ll be automatically signed up for.

I've decided to give you this book for just $5.90 so you can see for yourself why speaking is the ultimate tool for accelerating your business, achieving your financial goals, and becoming a respected expert in your field.

My intention is that you’ll love it, get amazing results, and beg me for more!
Time Is Very Limited
This book is part of a test I’m running for my business.

And because the price is so low, I’m taking a loss on the book.

It currently costs me about $19 to sell one book.

Now, why would I do that?

Simple - I’ve packed as much value as possible into this book, and I’m hoping you love it so much, you’ll want to work more with me down the road.

And lastly, even though you’re getting immediate access to my book…


Of course there's a full money-back guarantee.

In fact, it’s perhaps…
The BOLDEST Guarantee in History 
I 100% guarantee you'll love this book, or I'll return your $5.90 - and let you keep the book anyway.

That's right. If you’re unhappy for any reason, just email me and I'll refund your $5.90, no questions asked.

How's that for fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Purchase The Book Now
I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I can’t wait to see how the Moxley Method transforms your business in ways you never thought possible!

Radiantly yours,

Amanda Moxley

P.S. If you skipped to the end of this letter, here's what you need to know:

I’m offering you a 103-page book that will teach you how to use the powerful tool of SPEAKING to sign new clients, become a respected expert in your field, and achieve your wildest entrepreneurial dreams!

This is simpler, easier, and more effective than any other “client generation” tool out there. Once you’ve created and perfected your presentation, all you have to do is keep sharing it and you’ll easily sign 3-5 clients every time you speak.

The book is $5.90.

This is a very limited offer because it's a marketing test.

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not get signed up for anything else or get annoying phone calls from a salesperson.

In fact, if you don't like the book, let me know and I'll refund your $5.90 immediately. 

Click here to claim your copy now and transform your business in ways you never thought possible!
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